Falco Peregrinus

Peregrine Falcon Facts

Peregrine falcon speed?

Peregrines are not the fastest bird in normal flight. They can reach speeds of up to 40- 60 mph during level flight. They are however the fastest bird whilst diving reaching speeds of up to 200mph / 320 km/h.

Peregrine Falcon diving Speed?

The peregrine can reach speeds of over 200 mph / 320 km/h during its hunting dive which is also known as a stoop. This makes it the fastest bird in the world when diving.

What size is a Peregrine Falcon?

Peregrines falcons have a body length of about 34-54cm with a wingspan of 74-120 cm. Females can measure up to 30% bigger than their male counterparts.

Peregrine Falcon Diet?

Peregrines will feed mainly on other birds, particularly pigeons, doves and waders

Whats the life span of a Peregrine Falcon?

How to identify a Peregrine Falcon

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