Seedz Box have also teamed up with One Tree Planted, which is a fantastic charity organisation who are striving to plant as many trees as the donations will allow. They don’t just plonk them into the ground either. They monitor the trees once planted to ensure that they reach a 80-90% survival rate.

So, the we felt the obvious way to review the product was to compare it in the field with a brand from one of the well known German supermarkets! Simple experiment. We have used the same feeders, side by side, one filled with the supermarket brand and the other with Seedz Box Ultimate Deluxe Wild Bird Seed Mix.

So, whilst we and see the results, here’s a bit more blurb…………

The Ultimate Deluxe Seed Mix is made up of the following: Red Darl Seeds, Millet Seed, Cut Peas, Chopped Peanuts, Red Millet, Black Sunflower Seeds, Micronized Maize, Micronised Wheat, Soya Bean Oil and Bird Grit. This high protein, High energy mix is ideal for a range of our garden birds, whilst the bird grit assists with digestion. I comparison the supermarket brand ingrediaents show Cereals, Seeds, Oils and Fats, Minerals and EC Permitted Colourant. As You can see from the image below, the Seedz Box product certainly looks the more appetising and doesn’t have the amount of grain, often wasted by Sparrows and left to attract rats in my experience!

Seedz Box are currently developing their website and it has been pointed out about the use of the White-cheeked Bulbul images on the main page! This is going to be rectified. 🙂 You can currently buy their products on Amazon but the team are hoping to be able to sell straight from the site in the near future. Delivery of the seed was fast considering the current climate and Guy and Antonia respond to e-mails very quickly, so customer satisfaction is highly evident.

I will update over the next few weeks with the results, but so far its looking promising. Our resident Great Tits have visited the feeders a dozen times in the last hour and always preferring the Seedz Box product!